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Twin Screw Pump 3P Prinz
Twin Screw Pump 3P Prinz
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Sell Twin Screw Pump 3P Prinz

Specification of Twin Screw Pump 3P Prinz

Twin Screw Pump Industrial Standard  

3P PrinzTwin Screw Pump, high viscosity pump, is use for transfering fluid with low to high viscosity, heterogeneous, sensitive to shear force, easy-foaming liquids. This pump has a high suction lift, self-priming pumps and low NPSHr. Constant flow and Pulsation Free

Pump performance:

  • Design Pressure Rating : Up to 60 bar g @ 20 ° C.
  • Temperature Rating : Up to 350 ° C.
  • Flow Rate : Up to 1200 m³ / hr
  • Discharge Pressure : Up to 60 bar
  • Viscosity : 0.5 - 200,000 cSt.


  • Crude Oil Transfer Pumps ,
  • Crude Oil Mixed with Water,
  • Crude Oil Mixed with Water and Gas
  • All type of Hydrocarbons, light and high viscosity
  • Oil / Water Emulsions, Including Slops, Produced Water
  • Chemicals (Methanol, Inhibitors)
  • Stripping Pump
  • Loading Pump
  • Back Loading Pump 
  • Unloading Pump
  • Booster Pump
  • Multi-phase Pump

A Twin Screw pump can be used for Loading and Unloading Storage Tanks by simply changing the pump rotation.


  • Twins Screw Pumps can be mounted in either horizontal or Vertical positions
  • Installation inside tank or pit (Sump Pump) is possible.

Standard construction:

  • Screw Positive Displacement Pumps follow the standard Manufacturer / Industrial and
  • Fully comply with Positive Displacement Rotary Pump API 676 Standard (on request).

Shaft Seal:

  • Standard Industrial Mechanical Seal and API standard 682



Twin Screw Pumps API 676


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