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Transfer Pump
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Specification of Transfer Pump

Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps

Pumps Performances :

  • Design Pressure Rating : Up to 100 bar g @ 20 °C.
  • Temperature Rating    : Up to 149 °C.
  • Flow Rate                      : Up to 364 m³/hr (1600 gpm).
  • Discharge Pressure      : Up to 870 psig (60 barg).

For Pumping Hydrocarbons, Chemical Solutions, Inorganic or Organic Acids, Caustic Solutions, Condensate, Crude Oil and Product Pipeline, Crude Oil Transfer, Water Injection, Reverse Osmosis Booster, Boiler Feed, LNG, Fire Pump Package, etc.


  • Transfer Pump
  • Stripping Pump
  • Loading Pump
  • Unloading Pump
  • Barge Pump
  • Dosing Pump
  • Chemical Transfer Pump


Pompa Rotary

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